Solar Thermal FAQ

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Do You Own a Solar Thermal System?

Solar Thermal Systems tend to be older systems that are combined with your home’s domestic hot water and heating systems to produce solar thermal hot water. The main problem with Solar Thermal Systems are simply this: they are outdated and require a lot of maintenance. Additionally, most solar companies don’t know how to successfully drain and detach these systems without damaging your home’s backup hot water, nor do they know how to safely remove the glycol fluid in the appropriate manner. That’s where Vanguard Solar comes in.

Vanguard has two members on staff with over thirty years of collective experience as experts in dealing with Solar Thermal Systems, giving you as a homeowner a peace of mind that your contractor is familiar with these older systems. After inspection of the system, our specialists will determine if your system is functioning properly enough to be reinstalled. Almost 90% of these systems are not even operational, and almost 100% of the time the homeowner is completely unaware that their system is not working.

On determination of our expert’s analysis on the system’s viability, Vanguard will move forward in the appropriate manner, whether that simply be a detach and disposal of the system or it’s detachment and reinstallation.